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Salad Days December 16, 2012

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Some days, I have to check the calendar twice to make sure I’m not out of synch with what month it is.

Yes, it’s December. And I’m still harvesting fall salad greens.

Some lettuce, mostly slowed to a halt by cool weather and short days. The leaf spinach, though, seems like it still has some growing to do.

I planted the first fall batch of greens from seed in late August. The second sowing occurred two weeks later.

I’m still picking a little from the first batch; a few of the red leaf lettuce plants have yet to get tough and bitter, despite being overgrown. The second planting was less voluminous but it’s still kicking.

So, do I attribute this toFall_ltc luck? To global climate change? Some combination?

I’m not sure. But I know that temperatures have been higher than “usual” for some time now. Heck, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has revised its climate zones to reflect the fact that the temperature readings have been changed for the warmer all across the country for some years now.

I’m torn. I like the fact that I can extend my fall garden late into the year. I look forward to planting earlier in the coming year. I certainly hope I don’t have to shovel as much snow as a couple of years ago, when we had nearly five feet total for the winter season.

But I hate to see what could be a damaging trend that melts the ice caps, inundates coastal cities such as New York, and generally puts humanity on a dangerous course.

I guess it all comes back to the principle that we all have a stake in the environment and that we all must do at least something positive and proactive to forestall the worst that climate change can bring.

That means recycling, taking re-usable bags to the store, using energy-efficient lights and appliances, and generally being conscious of our carbon footprint. Oh yes, and voting for people who say they mean business about addressing climate change.

As an aside, I feel compelled to comment on the big news stories of the fall: Superstorm Sandy, and Sandy Hook Elementary School. Aside from the fact that both involve the name Sandy, and people with that name must feel rather cursed right now, I think we all have been moved by the suffering that has occurred as a result of the storm and the shooting.

As a journalist, I will not comment in public on any issue in the public discussion, such as gun laws, because I must maintain my objectivity and credibility as a reporter.

As a journalist and a person, though, I feel compelled to object to the degree and length of the news media coverage—television, primarily—of the school shooting.

The more time and emphasis the networks place on the person who killed these innocent children, the more it becomes apparent to other unstable people that if you want to be famous, or infamous, for decades beyond your demise, shooting a lot of people is one way to meet your goal.

It’s time to just say “no” to excessive media coverage of such events.

Have a great holiday season, one and all.



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